Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021

Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021

We have put together a list of Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021 who are making it big. You will find the top female Youtubers from Pakistan and Pakistani Youtubers men who have the highest number of subscribers to their channel in Pakistan. You can find Pakistan’s top Youtuber here.

Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo is a well-known top Pakistani Youtuber. Junejo joined YouTube in 2010 as an influencer. He now has more than a million subscribers and 9.41 million views per month on his YouTube channel. Irfan is known for his quirky style of vlogging. He also hosts a YouTube show called “The Jo Bhi Show”, where everyday issues are discussed.

Amna Riaz

Amna Riaz, Pakistan’s most well-known female YouTuber, is the first Pakistani woman to be awarded the Gold Play Button from Youtube. Kitchen with Amna is her channel. She shares her cooking skills and delicious recipes using simple and fun methods. Her channel was launched in 2016 and has since accumulated 47 million views. She currently has over 3.71 millions subscribers, making her the most subscribed female Youtuber in Pakistan.

Qasim Ali Khan

Qasim Ali Khan is not your average Youtuber in Pakistan. He is an accomplished motivational speaker and trainer, author, speaker, and well-known public speaker. His Youtube Channel, which he runs under his own name, features a range of inspirational and informative videos about how you can turn your life around. His channel has 2.73 million subscribers. He also offers training sessions, making him Pakistan’s No. 1 YouTuber in education. His videos are also part of a non-profit organization called Qasim Ali Shah Foundation, which helps many people follow their passions. He is one of the Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021.

Mubashir Saddique

Mubashir Saddique is a top Pakistani Youtuber to follow if you are looking for healthy content. His Youtube channel, Village Food Secrets, is a food video vlogger. He shares the simple lifestyle of his village. His videos are unique because he uses simple wooden and handmade tools to cook. His channel boasts a staggering 3.05 million subscribers and has more than 477 million views. He also grows vegetables, which is even more amazing. He explains how villages use primitive cooking techniques to his viewers and shares traditional recipes. This makes him a favourite Pakistani Youtuber.

Saad Ur Rehman

Saad Ur Rehman, a male Youtuber who has over 2.57 million subscribers, and an average of 237 million views per month, is a well-known comedian in the Comedy category. His Youtube channel, Ducky Bhai is known for posting short comedy skits. His hilarious PUBG gaming videos are a fan favorite. He interacts with users in a humorous manner. He is also known for his hilarious prank calls and other funny videos. His roast videos were his first YouTube hit.

Anushae Khan

Anushae Khan, a Karachi-based blogger and a YouTuber, has an amazing eye for fashion trends and lifestyle. This is an emerging talent among Pakistani Youtubers. Her YouTube channel has 200k subscribers and her videos have been viewed 34,289.695 times. You can find her mostly posting vlogs about fashion and beauty. She also posts creative content such as transition videos and interesting finds from the city. She also has her husband in her vlog. You can see her discussing the latest fashion trends and popular food spots. You will be amazed by her Instagram account, which is filled with beautiful and inspiring posts. She is one of the most popular female vloggers of Pakistan. She is one of the Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021

Fatima Irfan

Fatima Irfan, a charming YouTube star from Pakistan, is a master at creating trending makeup looks. Her channel, Glossips Vlogs, has more than 200,00 subscribers. She provides her followers with beauty tips and fashion tips as well as makeup reviews on local brands one can buy in Pakistan. She is also known for creating lifestyle videos that are relatable to South Asian and Pakistani audiences, making her one the newest YouTubers in Pakistan.

Junaid Akram

It is almost impossible for anyone who uses social media to not have seen a video of GanjiSwag, also known as Junaid Akram. Junaid Akram began his career as a stand-up comedian. He quickly rose to fame through short skits, horror stories and podcasts. His sharp-witted observations and humorous commentary on the everyday situations we all face are very relatable. YouTube videos of his are funny and informative. They also address social issues and spread awareness. His punchlines and “khalli Karo” are his trademarks. He is one of the Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021.

Taimoor Salahuddin

Mooroo can easily be called the pioneer of vlogging and the one who brought the digital influencer culture in Pakistan. His videos have been viewed over 95,736,839 times and he has more than 1.01M Youtube subscribers. He is well-known for his creative and brilliant content. His vlogs are humorous and he is known for his travel videos. He is one of the most popular and watched male Youtubers.

Zaid Ali

Zaid Alit T, a Pakistani-Canadian YouTube star and celebrity with over 3.19 million subscribers and an average of 843 million viewers per day, is well-known among Pakistani-Canadian millennials! Before vlogging became popular in Pakistan, he started to make hilarious comedy skits online. His comedic videos were relatable to every household child in the country and he quickly rose to prominence. He portrays Pakistani Desi culture and how it feels to be a Desi abroad, gaining a large fan base in major South Asian countries. Zaid Ali also has a YouTube channel. He used to create Youtube, Facebook and Instagram videos that compared how “brown” or “white” people respond to the same situation. Now he makes videos based on his family and life.

Raza Samo

He comes from humble beginnings and is now a well-known digital influencer. His content company, The Khujlee family, is where he creates some fun Youtube videos. Raza’s channel has more than 1.29 million subscribers and more than 137.27m viewers. His hilarious comedy skits and light-hearted humor roasting videos have made him a household name. He collaborates with other prominent Youtbers, vloggers, and YouTubers from Pakistan. His videos focus on Pakistani life and depict the stereotyped characters of the different social classes. He also humorously depicts the Desi struggles. He is one of the Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021.

Nadir Ali

Nadir Ali is the man behind Pakistan’s biggest YouTube channel P 4 Pakao, as it has become the largest independent channel from Pakistan in 2018. It is the first Pakistani independent YouTube channel to reach 1 million subscribers. It is also the first YouTube channel to reach 2,000,000 subscribers from Pakistan. Nadir Ali, a Karachi native, started his YouTube channel back in 2016. His early success on Facebook was evident as many of his videos became viral. He also enjoys a large following on YouTube. 

Food Fusion

You must have had a passion for cooking all things delicious. Food Fusion. People of all ages, from Pakistan to around the world, love the online cooking channel. The co-owners of the company, which shares a similar name, Asad and Saima have created a strong local brand around Food and Recipes. With many other channels coming up under their roaster, they are looking to expand the main channel.

Mubashir Siddique was a former production manager at a Sialkot-based Football manufacturing company. After a few years in Malaysia, he returned to Sialkot to support his family. Then the silver lining came.

The 33-year-old Mubashir from a small village of Shahpur, in Sialkot district of Punjab Pakistan, started his YouTube channel Village Food Secrets, where he shares food recipes from the village and people across the globe loved it. His YouTube channel has seen 720,000 subscribers in 2 years. We are proud to say that Mubashir Siddique, a Pakistani villager, is now a top YouTuber.

Asad Ali TV

Asad Ali TV is another tech reviewer from Pakistan. His YouTube channel is updated almost daily with new videos. He also posts tips and tricks, as well as tech reviews. Asad Ali has the advantage of posting videos in plain and basic Urdu. This attracts both local viewers and people from across the border.

Asad Ali, a Faisalabad, Pakistani social media success story has been praised. Recently, he was interviewed by Pakistan Television PTV. He spoke about the benefits of social media and how Pakistanis can make money through it. He is one of the Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021

Zaryab Khan

The 22-year-old Pakistani YouTuber is now one of the most popular “Mobile and Technology Review” channels. Born in Lahore back in 1996, Zaryab Khan was interested in medicine education till he found his YouTube channel and after some traction on his initial videos, he has dedicated himself to XeeTechCare (his YouTube channel).

He has uploaded over 3,835 videos to YouTube so far, and he has 1 million subscribers. This is why he deserves to be among the top Youtubers in Pakistan.

Ramiz Raja

Ramiz Raja needs no introduction, but his YouTube channel does need an introduction. It has become so popular that even mainstream stars want to use it and build their own brand and presence there. Ramiz Raja posts daily videos about Cricket because that’s the best way to make use of mega-stardom.

His humorous style continues on YouTube. His videos are geared towards the local audience and he speaks mainly in Urdu. All matters related to Pakistani and International cricket are covered by him. The channel has one of the fastest-growing channels in Pakistan, and he also interviews famous cricketers. He is one of the Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021.

Bilal Munir

The 23-year-old Bilal Munir from Faisalabad a.k.a VideoWaliSarkarhas started his YouTube channel with the same name in 2016. His videos quickly became popular in Pakistan and he was able to build a small following. This has given his YouTube channel a boost in the early part of 2018.

Bilal is an entrepreneur, and also manages an e-commerce site called saamaan.pk. His channel is gaining traction from local brands. They want Bilal to review the latest devices that hit the market. We send our best wishes to Bilal for the coming year.

Haris Awan

Inspired by an international channel ThatwasEpic, our boy Haris Awan started his YouTube channel. In the past 8 months, his YouTube Channel has attracted 4lac subscribers. This is the highest growth rate of any Pakistani YouTuber since 2018.

Haris made use of his confidence and talent to pull off social experiments and pranks on people in the streets. His social experiments “Rich VS Poor”, and “India VS Pak”, went viral quickly and rocketed his channel rank in no time. Haris Awan is the top-ranked Pakistani YouTube channel for 2018, with millions of views and great content. He is one of the Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021

The Idiotz

The Idiotz is one of the most popular YouTube comedians of today. Their funny skits and videos are a hit with Pakistanis. The Idiotz was created by Faisal, Kashan and Hammad from Karachi. It is strictly a channel for funny videos. They have a variety of topics, including skits, parodies, and web series about topics such as PSL city wars.

The channel has over 856,521+ subscribers. They also have an active community with dedicated followers who wait for new videos.

Bekaar Films

Bekaar Films is a comedy channel on YouTube which has 596k+ subscribers. Their content is well-researched, and covers everyday issues as well as desi stereotypes that are being challenged by young Pakistanis.

They use their degrees in filmmaking and art to create videos that are both funny and visually appealing.

Let us know your top choice among Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021!

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