Top 10 Countries to relax

Top 10 Countries to relax

Top 10 Countries to relax, We’re looking at destinations around the globe that have cultivated a reputation for an easy-going way of life tranquil settings or a thriving wellness industry

1. Mauritius

Everyone has their own unique way of relaxing. For some, it’s lounging on a beach for others it’s quietly strolling the streets of a sleepy village. For others, still, it’s going anywhere that they can get away from the crowd and unplug from everyday life. The island nation of Mauritius is a great choice. For well all of the above actually located some 1200 miles off the African coast in the Indian ocean. Mauritius is an often-overlooked nation of awe-inspiring beauty. So much so that author Mark Twain once suggested that heaven was made in the mold of Mauritius. Here you’ll find sandy beaches and resorts offering all manner of pampering down the coast. However, small fishing villages offer a very different escape. Though, Mauritius is an increasingly popular destination for Tourism remains fourth in terms of economic contributors. So, It’s still far from being oversaturated.

2. Japan

We know what you’re thinking about the iconic site of the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Well, certainly a worthy experience doesn’t exactly scream relaxation. Such is the duality at the heart of japan’s appeal. One of the Top 10 Countries to relax. However, while its major cities stimulate the senses with their large crowds neon lights, and vibrant nightlife. The country is equally famous for its pristine green spaces, rejuvenating countryside, and commitment to wellness. Even in cities like Tokyo, the cultural commitment to courtesy makes it a remarkably smooth experience. You can always find an oasis of calm. What really adds japan a spot on our list. However, is it Onsen or hot springs Beppu located in Oita prefecture is the onsen capital of Japan? Herewith the steam rising around you and disappearing into the surrounding trees, you’re guaranteed to find the peace you crave.

3. New Zealand

As you navigate this land of impossibly diverse natural beauty. You’ll find yourself needing a thesaurus to avoid overusing words like stunning and pristine. In other words that you’ll keep coming back to peaceful cities like wellington, Auckland and Napier offer plenty of modern cultural experiences. And, The Maori traditions really must be explored to understand the nation’s history as you move away from the cities. However, you realize just how sparsely populated New Zealand really is.

This is a great place to reconnect with nature. Photographers will have a field day the country is arguably best appreciated. However, when you’re just standing still soaking up the sights sounds, and smells of various landscapes from the towering giants of Milford sound and the volcanic terrain of Tongariro national park to the rugged beauty of cape Reina and the coromandel peninsula. New Zealand is the sort of place that inspires and rejuvenates.

4. Iceland

Speaking of rugged landscapes, it doesn’t get much better than this Iceland. Iceland is widely considered to be among the most uniquely beautiful destinations in the world over the last decade. However, its increased popularity has led to issues of over-tourism as such if you’re intent on seeing all the greatest hits you may want to wait a decade for the buzz to die down. Here’s the thing though Iceland’s charms and otherworldly features are so ubiquitous across the nation that you can skip the tourist attractions and still get the full experience.

When you get away from the crowds Iceland still feels as the Vikings are said to have believed like this is a land of the gods. From the unadulterated hot springs that dot the landscape to the nature reserve much of Iceland remains a land of peace quiet and grounded pleasures. The sinfulness Peninsula and the Dangerfield mountains are not to be missed.

5. Thailand

What can we say in our increasingly globalized world, there are few destinations that can uniformly be described as relaxing like Japan, Thailand, one of the Top 10 Countries to relax is a destination with a split personality. On the one hand, it’s famous for its nightlife full moon parties, and boozy lazy rivers but should you skip the youthful hot spots Thailand reveals? An entirely different side to itself one that makes it a top contender for the world’s most relaxing getaways the country is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. And, for every one of them that’s party central there’s an equivalent option that’s defined by its mellow Vibe Tupek, Beach Kopratong, Ao Yai beach, and Railay beach is just a few such examples. A country doesn’t see its namesake massage exported around the globe unless it’s truly mastered the art of wellness.

6. Costa Rica

This central American country is a real choose your own adventure sort of destination. Costa Rica is one of the Top 10 Countries to relax. Costa Rica’s commitment to sustainable tourism also makes it a guilt-free getaway and that’s a shortcut to a truly relaxing trip. Costa Ricans often talk about Pura Vida, the pure life and this laid-back approach to life is utterly infectious. Whether you’re exploring the country’s biodiversity on hikes or just getting pampered at a resort near Arenal Volcano.

Pura Vida tends to take over Costa Rica. It is transformative making even demanding activities. Feel relaxing learning to surf might sound frustrating. But as you straddle your board waiting for that next wave there’s a sense of calm that washes over you. It doesn’t really matter whether you get the hang of it or not. With the sun setting behind you when in Costa Rica you’re exactly where you need to be.

7. Belize

Another underappreciated central American gem and one of the Top 10 Countries to relax, Belize has long flown under the popular tourism radar. That’s slowly changing, but the country remains a great option for anyone who’s looking to get away from everyday life. The crowds of more popular beach destinations for the ultimate exercise and easygoing relaxation. Book yourself a little beach bungalow on Kikoka. The local motto here not dissimilar to Pura Vida is to go slow. It can be hard to shake the hectic energy of life back home. But every interaction you have here will take you one step closer.

Placencia is another great option that offers all your quintessential beach comforts minus the pretense and homogeneity of a resort. However, you approach Belize, we can guarantee two things. First, you’re going to come away from it feeling recharged. Second, you’ll almost immediately start planning your next trip to this oasis of calm.

8. Seychelles

When talking about the Top 10 Countries to relax it’s all too easy to wind up with a list of interchangeable tropical island getaways. As previously stated, We believe that every individual has their own unique way to relax. So, we’ve tried to provide plenty of variety. With all that being said, there are few people who would pass up a trip to Seychelles when offered located off the east coast of Africa. This collection of islands in the Indian Ocean checks all the boxes here the pristine turquoise waters gently lap against impossibly soft beaches.

As you sit back, listening to the sound of the waves, a backdrop of lush greenery makes you feel utterly immersed in this natural paradise without having given up any of your creature comforts. Those with cash to spare can splurge for an ultra-luxurious experience but for all its celebrity associations Seychelles can be done on a more modest budget. And, you know what it’s every bit as relaxing.

9. Denmark

We’ve got one word for you huger Denmark might not have palm trees or beautiful weather year-round. What Denmark does have is a quality of life that ranks among the top nations on earth. That extends to travelers during their time in this Scandinavian country the sense of coziness well-being and pervasive contentment. All comes back to that cultural concept of huge the etymology of the term is debated.

When visiting Denmark one of the Top 10 Countries to relax. It is not unlike a hug and we strongly suspect that you’ll find yourself embracing everything. This country has to offer one needn’t seek out spa treatments. Pampering here to feel relaxed from the welcoming locals. The food to the cozy accommodations and the easygoing pace of life relaxation permeates the culture.

10. Greece

Santorini is beautiful but it’s also a victim of its own popularity. The same can be said for pretty much all of the greek party islands like Mykonos and Corfu. However, where the tourism industry is still finding its footing, the greek islands rival Italy or France in terms of just how consistently excellent the food is if a nice glass of wine fits into your definition of relaxation.

Finding the perfect secluded understated greek island is as simple as doing your research and selecting the option that best suits your needs. Korea is rustic traditional and bursting with local flavor. Milos is more developed but nonetheless, it feels relatively free from tourist traps. La Roche has got views for days and enough sleepy fishing villages to go around. The only constant among the countless options that you’re going to come back relaxed recharged, and ready to plan your next trip.

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