Should you upgrade your phone?

Should you upgrade your phone?

Should you upgrade your phone? Whether or not you should upgrade that clunker old phone that you’ve had in your pocket for years. Now obviously this is going to be different for every single person it’s totally subjective.

Factors to keep in Mind

So, we came up with the main factors that really anyone could apply on Should you upgrade your phone or at least how often you should get a new phone. now these are all going to be pretty common sense so I’ll go a little bit deeper into each one

How Much You can Afford?

The first one we would say is how much you can afford. Obviously, if you’ve got millions in the bank with nothing to spend it on be our guest and get a new phone every week If you want. But, if you don’t really have a lot of money to spend on new technology all the time. You are going to have to be more conservative and maybe you don’t mind using the same phone for a couple years.

New Features

Next, of course, is new features that you might want. If you see the next iPhone comes out and it has wireless charging you’ve been just waiting for wireless charging on your iPhone you’re a lot more likely to upgrade than if it has pretty much the same stuff like the phone you just bought last year.


The third factor is going to be performance. Over time we all pretty much understand that for one reason or another, if you have a phone for several years, it just does not perform as well as when you first got it.

Processing Power

There are a couple of reasons behind that. For example, new updates for the operating system require more processing power. Assume that you have a later phone that might not work as well on your older phones. So, as you update it gets slower and slower because of that. As you install new apps which take up more resources running the background, slows everything down, and even if you do a complete wipe of the phone and erase everything and redo it that flash memory in the phone could degrade over time. It means no matter what you do that storage is not going to perform as well as it first did. Now that’s kind of theoretical we are not exactly sure how much the flash memory is going to degrade but we do know that flash does degrade over time.


It won’t just be the processing speed that degrades, also the battery. The batteries start to degrade after you charge it in the cycle thousands of times. So, it’s definitely not going to perform as well as when you first bought it. Not to mention that battery technology is steadily improving over the years. There are really haven’t been any major battery development but new phones even though they might not necessarily have a much larger battery it’s going to be a lot more efficient. So, based on these three factors you can probably start to get an idea of how often you’re willing to spend five or six hundred dollars.

However often you get a new phone or maybe you only like to get the really affordable phones so that you can upgrade more often. You can also think of it in two different ways. How often you might want to upgrade your phone? Or, if you want to upgrade to a particular phone on one instance.

Know that how much you can afford

If you have loads of money then you can probably upgrade even if you don’t necessarily need to. Money, we would say is the biggest factor in how often you need to upgrade. But, the features and performance of your current phone are going to be a big bigger factor in deciding whether or not you want to get any particular phone that you just saw that’s just coming out now. We think we all already know how much we can afford for a phone. We already know if our phone is so unusable in terms of performance that we need to get a new phone.

Do You want new Features?

So, why don’t we talk a little bit more about how to decide whether you want the new features in a new phone or not. We all know that every phone manufacturer tries to get you to upgrade your phone every single year. They tell you that their new little feature is a game-changer and you should not even have your old phones it’s so useless compared to how useful this new little feature is. But, is it really it seems to us? It’s very rare that any new phone has a true game-changer.

A lot of times they’ll introduce incremental upgrades like a better camera with better low-light or more megapixels or 4k video. Do we really care about that at the moment? Have you ever taken a picture and thought oh you know what I wish this had more megapixels? We are just not even a bother taking that picture or you’re recording a video. You thought you know what I really wish this was 4k. No, you’re typically trying to just take out your phone. Oh! this is a cool moment and you’re just capturing it for fun. You’re not really caring that much about the quality.

Do you really need the performance?

Should you upgrade your phone? The same kind of goes for these performance increase is in terms of CPU speed or graphics or anything like that. They always try to say that oh this 20% increase is so much faster. Meanwhile, typically if you have a phone that’s maybe one year old it’s not going to be that much slower where you ever notice it. Yeah, if you have a phone that’s several years old and it’s always slow and not responsive like this thing I need to upgrade this soon you probably might just look at the new phone and say all I need this phone because it’s just faster in general. You don’t really care about the percentage upgrade, you know it’s just going to be faster. It’s like a rat race because we know that every single phone is going to slow down to a crawl eventually.

So, you really have to look at whether or not your phone is so slow that it’s unbearable as opposed to looking at the new phone and saying oh this might be more enjoyable. Chances are it’s not going to be that even notice fully different and just thinking about it. There aren’t that many killer features that we can even think of that would want to make us upgrade our new phone. If I didn’t need to maybe a fingerprint reader that’s like the only one I can think of a fingerprint reader I could see why that would be super convenient.

Do you really need Battery?

Other than that we mean a bigger battery? ok, that could be a big deal, if it’s like a huge battery or you know performance increases don’t really do it for me. You know the s7 has is completely waterproof maybe if you do a lot of surfing or I don’t know you spent a lot of time at the beach or the pool that could be a big factor. Other than those doesn’t really none of those really excite us.


So, we guess the conclusion and our thoughts just from this is don’t really look at the new phone to decide whether or not you need to get it. look at your current phone and say is this not working for me anymore because that’s usually the biggest issue. If your phone is so slow it sucks you can’t bear to use it anymore. Then maybe look to see which phone is the best for you. But, if you don’t need to upgrade you probably would forget that you upgrade it at all in a week anyway. You know your new phone will start slowing down you’ll just get mad at that as it always does. Then it’ll be the same things again all over again. So, we guess that’s kind of it we are out of ideas.

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