Top 5 Programming Languages to learn in 2021

Top 5 Programming Languages to learn in 2021

Best programming languages to learn in 2021. Now before we get into those picks I want to quickly discuss the criteria that I’ve used to decide these and to rank these different languages.

Selection Criteria

Programming Languages to learn in 2021, The first thing that I always consider when I look at a programming language is how mainstream or well-known this language is. How well-established is it stable has it been around for a long time?

Obviously, newer languages or languages that have just come out can’t really win on this front. I think it’s something that’s important to consider to make sure that you’re going to learn a language that is going to be around for a long time. The next thing that I like to look at is popularity. So, not just in terms of how many people are using the language. But, Is it being learned more and more day by day are more people looking it up? Are fewer people looking at the language? It’s something to consider and languages that are growing in popularity are obviously going to be favorable for us to want to learn for the future.

Tools and Frameworks

The next thing is going to be the tools frameworks and libraries that come with this language. There that have been built off of this language that’s very important. That’s some of the reasons why some of the languages that are on our list are there is because of the amazing frameworks that come with them. And, what it allows you to do with the language itself.

Jobs, Salary and Scope

Next, we’re gonna get into a little bit about the job market. So, you know how many jobs are there for this specific position? What is the average salary look like for ones that we can actually find the statistics for? Finally, what is learning this language actually going to do for you? So, Not just for a company that wants to hire you or for getting paid. What is this gonna do for your professional and skill development? Is this gonna help you possibly learn another language in the future and become a better programmer?

I think that’s something a lot of people skim over and that’s a point that I’m gonna try to make a lot through this article is what this language will actually do for you as a programmer. And, allow you to move on towards what you know in your future career. Or, future programming experience so with that being said let’s get into my top 5 picks for the best programming language to learn in 2021.

1. C and C++

When we’re talking about languages being well established and mainstream. I would say there’s no better example than that than C and C++ is one of the best Programming Languages to learn in 2021. Now, C and C++ are some of the most well-established languages that exist. They’re used by millions of different developers across millions of different organizations around the world. They’ve been around for such a long time that there’s the amazing community behind these languages. Tons of different resources online to be able to learn them.


Now when it comes to the popularity of this language or these languages. I would say it’s been decreasing as the years go on. The reason for that would likely be that new beginners picking up new programming languages in the past few years. They wouldn’t really be introduced to C or C++ as their first language. Therefore, there are fewer people learning it. That doesn’t mean that there are fewer jobs and that it’s less in demand. In fact, looking at the job market for C and C++ we can see that it stayed fairly stable over the past few years. Although, there’s not a massive surge and boom, and this kind of jobs with developing.

C and C++, they’re not they don’t look to be going anywhere just because so many organizations use this as their core code for a lot of their systems. That again is because C and C++ are super fast. It’s super capable there’s nothing that you can’t really do if you know C or C++.

This brings me to my last point which is learning C and C++ is only gonna make you a better programmer. Even if you’re not looking to do this as your career or your job. I would definitely recommend looking into it or at least you know getting a general idea of what it’s like to program in C and C++. Because it’s much different than a lot of these hirelings that we see today and learning to use. Something like this just makes you a much better programmer.


Finally, the salary the average salary of a C++ developer in the United States here is listed at $106,000. I’m going to be using indeed for all of these salary kinds of insights or averages. These are gonna change and vary depending on where you’re located. Your age, Your amount of experience, and all of that. So, anyway, that’s my pick number five C and C++.

2. Java

So coming in at next, I have Java now Java is also a very well-established programming language and one of the best Programming Languages to learn in 2021. It’s been around for a very long time. It’s trusted, It’s reliable, and It’s used for very large complex systems which we can’t say about a lot of the other languages that I’ll be mentioning later on. Now, Java is a great language a lot of people seem to think that it’s been dying down in popularity. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that I think it’s been staying fairly level if not increasing.

A slight amount of the reason a lot of people seem to think that Java is dying is that a lot of these other newer programming languages are so kind of surpassing it in the ranks. But, that doesn’t mean that Java is not still used by millions of different organizations around the world. It has one of the largest codebases on Github. So, I believe it’s actually ranked the third or the fourth most contributed code on Github. Something around the line so that someone can correct me if I’m wrong on that.


There’s a ton of open-source APIs and libraries for Java so this essentially means that you can do pretty much anything with Java code as well I wouldn’t say it’s as capable and flexible as something like C or C++. But, when it comes to building out large-scale systems job is a great option. It’s not as complex and difficult to learn as a language like C or C++. It also runs on the JVM which means that you can scale this to pretty much any device or platform you want. You can run this on a server you can run this on iOS. You can put this on you know pretty much anything.

Jobs and Salary

You want right you can make that stuff applications and when it comes to the job market there are so many jobs in Java development. Because this is what so many companies have been trusting and using since they’ve been founded or since they even existed as their core technology so knowing Java you will most likely be able to get a job and I believe the average salary of a Java developer is $90,000 now one of the reasons I like telling people to learn Java is if they’re coming from a background say like Python or a scripting language or something.

That’s not statically typed moving to a statically typed language and learning Java it’s not that difficult. A lot of the syntax is similar to something you’ve seen before but it really shows you how important structure in your code can be. It allows you to get a really good kind of fundamentals and understanding of object-oriented design. So, I think it’s a great language to learn in 2021. Especially, if you’re someone who’s only been doing scripting languages beforehand.

3. Golang

So, the next language on my list coming in is Go otherwise known as Golang. Now for those of you that don’t know much about Go. Go is a statically typed compiled language and one of the best Programming Languages to learn in 2021 that’s built on a functional programming paradigm. Now what that means is there’s actually no object-orientated programming or style even built into the language. Go you can kind of try to simulate it but instead of using objects and classes and actually use something called Structs.

Concurrent Programming

Now, Go is actually built around concurrent programming so making concurrency really easy to implement into the program. I almost like to compare it to almost a high-performance version of Python. The language itself is actually very simple. It’s pretty small in comparison like if we’re looking at the number of keywords.


The number of features built into the language itself. But, It’s very very powerful and builds high-performance almost scripts very quickly. It is something that Go is really good at so that’s the way I like. You can kind of think of Go as a high-performance version of Python. It does a lot of similar things that Python will be able to do. Like, It does some web development stuff some enterprise applications you can pretty much do anything you want with Go as well. Since It’s compiled that means it’s pretty easy to transfer your Go applications to different computers.

Now, in terms of being well established, I would say Go is probably a little bit away from getting to that point there’s not a huge community. Around at least from what I’ve seen on the internet myself doing some research. And, I think in the next few years we’re gonna see grow Go continues to rise in popularity may become one of the mainstream languages. Right now, In terms of popularity go has been kind of booming and just skyrocketing over the past few years. More people have been learning about it figuring out what it does.


And, you know falling in love with NGO the language itself. I can see in the next maybe 5-10 years actually probably, a little bit shorter than that, Go becoming one of the next mean stream languages. I think it’s really powerful it’s really interesting and learning it is gonna show you a different style of programming that you’ve probably never been introduced to before.

Jobs and Salary

In terms of average salary and jobs, those figures are hard to determine just because this language is so new. So, I’m gonna stick from not telling you anything about them as I don’t want to mislead anyone but I would definitely recommend at least looking into Go and considering learning it as your next language in 2021.

4. JavaScript

Coming in next we have JavaScript. It is one of the best Programming Languages to learn in 2021. Now, I’m sure this is no surprise to any of you. But, JavaScript back in the day, I would say maybe you know 7-8 years ago, was really not nearly as big as it was today. It was something that was just used for a kind of front-end web development work. A lot of developers almost ridiculed JavaScript and we’re like you know it’s a horrible language personally.

My Story

When I started learning JavaScript, I was about that age, you know 8 years ago I didn’t find it that useful. But, now with all of these new frameworks being invented for it something like you know React, Vue, Angular, NodeJS, it’s turned JavaScript from something that was just a great front-end web development language into a great Multi-Purpose Programming Language. Now, learning JavaScript not only can you do Front-end Web Development, but you can also do backend work. You can do Full Stack. You can do stuff with Client-Server architecture. Or, you can go crazy with what you’re gonna do with JavaScript. Because All the things that have been invented recently for it. Now, GitHub is actually ranked JavaScript as the number one most contributed code for the past five years.

Jobs and Salary

The average salary of a JavaScript developer in the u.s. is actually $114,000 US dollars. There is a ton and an increasing amount of jobs for JavaScript. It just seems like overall a great language to learn in 2021. It’s pretty simple if you can learn it. You know honestly, I would say in a week or two especially if you’re an experienced developer and becoming kind of a master at javascript, now just means you can do so much more with your career and with the language in general. Anyone that wants to get into the Web Development game or get a quick entry into programming that learning JavaScript is probably be one of your best bets.

5. Python

So, my next pick for the best programming language to learn in 2021 is going to have to go to Python. Now I do have a slight bias here as my Entire Career is pretty much based on Python. That’s what know my kind of bread and butter is, but despite that Python was actually ranked the fastest-growing programming language according to GitHub last year. Also, It is the second most popular programming language based on code contributions on GitHub. And, it’s just in a really amazing language and tool to have under your belt as a developer.

What you can do with Python

It’s great at doing so many different things from so many different domains. No, it might not be the best tool for every single project that you’re gonna be working on. But, chances are if you know Python you need to do something you will be able to do that in Python. There’s a pretty well infinite amount of libraries and modules for Python code. They allow you to do many things. These are like make games, make websites, desktop applications, iOS applications, Android apps, you name it you can likely do it with Python. It’s a really great language to get into and to learn especially if you’re a beginner. It’s something that’s so simple and just very easy to use but yet extremely powerful. And, that’s one of the reasons that I recommend it as my top choice in my top programming language to learn in 2021.

Jobs and Salary

The average salary of a Python developer in the US is the highest on the list so far is $120,000 US dollars annually. The amount of jobs for Python-related work has been increasing steadily over the past few years. This year alone I think there was an increase of something like 15,000 jobs in the United States which is actually a substantial amount. So, Python is a great language again it’s a general-purpose programming language. There’s nothing you really can’t do with it and in terms of building a strong foundation learning Python is really gonna help you do that. It’s gonna give you almost an appreciation for the simplicity built into the language versus some other languages that are more complex again like C++.

So, That has been my top 5 picks for the best programming languages to learn in 2021. Do you agree with me? Do you horribly disagree? Which one do you choose for the best Programming Languages to learn in 2021?

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