Politicians: Interviews and Media

Politicians: Interviews and Media

Politicians: Interviews and Media: It doesn’t really matter where you’re from. I am 100% sure that we have one thing in common: Distrust for our own country’s politicians. Politicians never seem to really care. Yeah, they have his ability to have the best words for every occasion.

Why Don’t Politicians Answer questions?

Politicians: Interviews and Media: One of the things politicians are always accused of is not answering questions. I did not overrule him, I did not overrule, Dara Thalia threatened to overrule, I took advice on what I could or could not do, you threatened I overruled him, sir. This kind of thing is really annoying. It makes politicians look untrustworthy. It was slime suspended. So, why do they do it? Politicians all suffer from chronic job insecurity. If they say anything stupid they could be unemployed within hours or days. That’s why if they’re being interviewed on TV, on the Radio, in a newspaper, or in the street, one of the dangerous things they could do is answer a question.

What if they give straight answers?

Politicians: Interviews and Media: Let us show you, what could go wrong if you give a straight answer in an interview. The answer is 5136 pounds and 45 pence. The interviewer might know more than you do. Yes, but according to this piece of paper, the figures are actually closer to 10,746,986 pounds. Your words can later be used against you. Yes, but in a previous interview, you said a different figure which was 4,988,702 pounds. You risk alienating voters. So, do you mean by that answer you just gave that you want to cut lots of jobs? No, I mean, you mean you’re in favor of waste. That’s why politicians are scared to commit to anything. Being rumbled will make them look hypocritical or worse incompetent.

How Do they get through Questions?

So, if you’re a politician, how do you get through an interview without putting your foot in it? Hi, I’m pizza botting and I actually exist do you want to survive the next election? are you positively petrified of a powerfully pummeled in a partisan political probing? I can make you bulletproof one don’t like the question change it to a different question. Well, I think what we should be asking is to use vagueness and committal vocabulary. Let me be clear interviewers name robust plan three imply that the interviewer is too stupid to understand the real answer. Well, that’s a really complicated question.

They Change the Subject

We don’t have all day so let me try and explain it simply. To change the subject I talked about something dreadful your opponents have done. Let me just change the subject and talk about something dreadful our opponents have done. Finally, five give an answer that’s so confusing nobody knows have said anything at all.

Politicians: Interviews and Media. Well, I’m glad you’ve raised that question. It’s about time that we stop dithering. Got around the negotiating table, got it sorted, got this right,t stop getting it wrong, and sure that this issue doesn’t get raised again. At least not during the course of our government without asking permission first. It’s important we have a robust response and here’s the thing. The argument James I’m putting is this that’s not kind of the issue. If we sort of stand back and look at the big picture. So, stop making sense and save your skid call today. It’s a real pity that this man and several more like him exist. The reason that he and his clients are so successful is that these tricks keep them out of trouble.

Why Politicians never really care?

Politicians: Interviews and Media: They really seem to miss the point on which are the real problems of the people.

A Study about Aurelia

To discover this mechanism, scientists invented a story about a small country called Aurelia. A poor country. They then asked a group of 100 students some questions to test their sense of power like: “How influent are you in other people’s decisions?” Students who were higher in the “sense of power”scale, were more prone to dehumanization and were judging the Aurelians as childish and uncivilized.

Second Test

The second test, new questions. “Tell us about that time that you felt more powerful than others – to some students, and other students – tell us a story. Well after answering the questions, the first group was more likely to forcefully transfer the Aurelians to less developed areas. Politicians: Interviews and Media.

Third Test

Third test and last one – roleplay. Who was playing the part of the surgeon was choosing more painful. But also more effective operations and considering the patient less sensitive. And why this happens? Does this mean that the whole of humanity is evil, potentially? Well here a hypothesis for you: Think that you know 5 people. You will be extremely sensitive to their problems. Those 5 problems are the only ones you hear about. Think of people living in small communities. The problems of the outside world don’t reach them. Now you go into politics. You meet a load of people coming from other communities. You can’t focus your thoughts on every one of them – on everyone’s problems. Because your mind would explode: there are so many issues, and everyone has different issues.

Politicians: Interviews and Media: So, you concentrate only on the issues you feel are more relevant to you. It gets worse. Since in politics there is a huge amount of money and rich people, you’ll begin hanging out with them. Their problems will become your problems and the problems of the masses won’t simply reach you cause they belong to another world. Have you lost your faith in humanity yet? Actually don’t worry. Because as there are different kinds of intelligence, there are people less affected by these kinds of mechanisms. The hard part is to find them. And to convince them into politics.


Politicians: Interviews and Media: We have to face the fact that in a media increasingly driven by sound bites, where everything you say lasts forever politicians are never going to give straight answers. Their job security matters more than their job. So what’s the solution? There isn’t one, it’s naive to assume that we’re the older solution to this awful worsening inherently unsolvable problem that’s it.

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