Exoplanets: Planets Better Than Earth

Exoplanets: Planets Better Than Earth

Planets Better Than Earth: On the 15th of April 2020, CNN published the startling news that Kepler-1649c found a new potentially habitable Exoplanet similar in size and temperature to Earth. On this subject, Thomas Zurbukin, associate administrator of Nasa’s science mission directorate in Washington commented this intriguing distant world gives us more hope that the second Earth is among the stars and waiting to be found. This might have impressed us if the media weren’t feeding us news of the new home even more frequently than Joe Biden falls up the stairs of Air Force One. Nevertheless each time the CNN anchors can barely contain their excitement.

What planet can replace earth?

If finding a new earth-like planet not cool enough for you NASA says there could be some others out there. NASA just announced the discovery of 500 new Planets. They’re all orbiting other stars not our sun but one of them shares some similarities with earth. Well, for years scientists have been searching the universe for a planet similar to ours. Guess what they say they found it. Guess what the media stirs hype around unconfirmed exoplanet research all the time. So, if you’ve already packed your suitcases for moving to another planetary system you’re gonna have to unpack them.

Exoplanets and Media

There are many stars for the planets to revolve around. Much like earth orbits inside the solar system. Exoplanet, it’s just a planet that is in a different system. It doesn’t have to be a twin of earth. For some reason, our world lives by a different formula. Exoplanets have their own criteria, their mass must be less than a star’s mass but more than one of an asteroid otherwise its own gravity won’t be enough so that the celestial body can become rounded in shape one more condition. There should be space near the planet’s orbit free from other objects. For this reason in 2006, Pluto was kicked out of the league of classical planets and sent to the dwarf category.


It turns out that there are many similar bodies near Pluto’s orbit and Pluto just turned out to be the largest of the lot. Some of the most well-known exoplanets are Poi 700d, Kepler-186f and the notorious Kepler-1649c. The habitable zone is an obscure area in space. The characteristics of planets inside the area are relatively similar to those on earth regarding merely the supposed presence of water in liquid form. For Example after the discovery of such an exoplanet as K218b it was noted its gas shell is so thick that it’s too difficult to call this Exoplanet a real earth lookalike.

This message has been distorted in the press with headlines like this water found on a potentially habitable planet another news outlet wrote it’s the most significant step made on the way to our ultimate goal of finding extraterrestrial life proving that we are not alone. We are sure if we were more persistent we could even find an article like a new water park Planets Better Than Earth found we are taking off tomorrow get a pool float and hop in.

Scientists and Media

A compilation of such ridiculous statements was made by an astronomer Laura Cradberg. She was quite amused that in most news articles dedicated to the discovery of exoplanets the reporters didn’t even bother to interview any scientists outside the research teams who could have offered a critical point of view. So by the new home to replace earth, the media mean guess what as you know by now almost anything you can imagine just like the Hype surrounding Kepler-1649c another nugget of information from CNN in the form of Kepler breaking news was quickly passed around other news organizations the director of the k2 science office Jeff Coughlin called it the most Earth-like Planets Better Than Earth.

Journalists labeled it the most interesting one. Some went even farther Kepler-1649c is even better than the earth because it’s 1.06 times larger and it gets about 75 of the light that Earth receives from the sun its surface temperature is estimated at 234 kelvin which is close enough to the temperature of the earth this makes it possible for water to exist in liquid form.


As you remember this is not the end of the list of cool Keplers. The previously mentioned Kepler-186f also takes part in the earth Twin competition. Its advantage regular seasons and a stable climate similar to earth. Toi 700d, a planet for everyone who ever got a birthday card wishing you a smooth sailing ahead winds blow away from the night side of the Planets Better Than Earth. Converge at a point facing directly towards its star that’s what makes it a cloudless version of earth. It’s like ditching a girlfriend and finding a new one just like her but with fewer meltdowns.

In other words, the girlfriend is 2.0 this is the title the media loves to ascribe to newly found Planets Better Than Earth. How the media comes up with ridiculous names for exoplanets. In addition to Earth 2.0, the media are in the habit of presenting Exoplanets as Earth twins. Even its cousins when it comes to updating a game 2.0 means that the content is the same only better and it has new features. Why are the exoplanets referred to this way?

What is the best planet besides Earth?

For example is Kepler-1649c, really so much better than Earth, no it’s actually worse. In fact, this highly acclaimed new home can really put you through hell. The comparison made is an apple to oranges. One simply because Kepler-1649s revolves around a Red Dwarf Star which is much smaller and cooler than our sun. Besides its radiation flare-ups would threaten any possibility for a viable life form to occur. So, instead, Kepler-1749c really is more apt for the role of earth’s ugly cousin or perhaps a menacing twin. In the best traditions of horror films, still, the strange nicknames are better than all those names for Kepler’s with sets of numbers and letters. Because we just misspelled the planet’s name three times in a row and you haven’t even noticed have you?

Things we Don’t Know about Planets Better Than Earth

Things we Don’t Know about Planets Better Than Earth. By the way, the renowned cloudless Toi 700d also won’t suit us. It’s too close to its star this means that at night the temperature can be close to absolute zero. In the daytime it will be very hot from radiation as a result water from its surface will simply evaporate too hot too cold in with the lack of water quite pointless and what about Kepler-186f guess what we don’t know the mass nor the chemical composition of exoplanets. It’s difficult to confirm what’s going on.

The question arises, how without knowing anything about the features of an exoplanet can we allege that it’s possible to live on? One first one must figure out how astronomers hunt for exoplanets. Five years ago everyone went crazy looking for pokemon in the game Pokemon Go, this year it was considered a real feat to get as many storyline outcomes as possible.


Challenges we found for Planets Better Than Earth. When completing quests in Cyberpunk 2077 and for the past 20 years among. Space science crowds the challenge of finding as many exoplanets as possible. It was at the top of the two Bragg lists. Here is Kepler-1649c, no, this is not the shot taken by the rover perseverance which showed humanity the surface of mars. It’s not a photo at all it’s a digital painting made by an artist. He simply suggested how the surface of Kepler-1649c might look like. Watching the news we’re used to seeing rocket launches rovers or new images from satellites in space.

How Expolanets are Founded?

Exploring exoplanets is another matter entirely it isn’t easy to measure an exoplanet’s characteristics. They’re too far away but we can obtain their star’s glow spectrum. Most often scientists base this on the shift of a moving star. If you isolate it and measure it over a long enough time you can get the star’s rotation period. All in all, having estimated the mass of the star and knowing the period of rotation you can calculate the planet’s mass. About half of the known exoplanets were discovered in this way. The passage of the Planets Better Than Earth in front of its disk will make it possible to determine its radius.

Scientists and their passion about Planets Better Than Earth

Planets Better Than Earth: As you can see often, the scientists build upon eclipses data rotations and a great desire to find at least something they can hang on to. An interesting incident happened with another planet found outside our solar system it’s called Fomalhaut b or so. It was called after much noise about its discovery. It turned out that instead of a planet, astronomers perhaps saw a large cloud of dust from two bodies of ice that had crashed into each other. The University of Arizona commented that which was heralded as one of the first exoplanets to ever be discovered likely never existed. In other words, you’d call it a facepalm of cosmic proportions.

People with poor eyesight who at least once have confused a dog with a trash bin. They will undoubtedly be able to understand astronomers with weak telescopes. This once again confirms that the results of hunting for exoplanets are very conditional and imprecise. So, the media should be more careful about reporting on this kind of research. So, what’s the best place to live? Well, the media and astrobiologists can’t figure out which Planets Better Than Earth. It is best to hang a Home Sweet Home sign-on.

Our Take on Exoplanets

We decided to address your need for information security, therefore we carried out. Our personal investigation took into account all the proposed planet’s data and selected the best option for you. In the nomination for a new home, this planet has decent enough characteristics. At least there was water spotted on it. The planet’s atmosphere is dense enough to protect against ultraviolet radiation from the star it revolves around. It has complex terrain and tectonics which leads to frequent tremors. That’s not all, dangerous active volcanoes have been discovered on its surface.

We can’t tell you much about life on the Planets Better Than Earth. We can assume that the inhabitants are unlikely to be friendly in such conditions. After all this fake news and so-called new space homes, this planet looks bearable. We think after this Article you’ll know how to accurately distinguish fake news from valid content. That’s really worth your attention. This planet is the most feasible option to go with. Unfortunately, they didn’t include it in the catchy media headlines. To take a good look at it, Google right now Tara planet. After learning more about it let us know would you consider living there?

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