Do you need to upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows 11 is hitting general availability on October 5, and with that date approaching, you might be wondering do you need to upgrade to Windows 11? The two versions are visually very different. However, there are other changes under the hood that make the next version of Windows stand out from the previous generation. We have answers to your questions regarding […]

25 things you don’t know about Virtual Reality

Things you don’t know about Virtual Reality: I’ll be strapping on my headset and stepping into the wonderfully weird world of virtual reality. VR is quickly becoming the most immersive way to completely put yourself into video games. Even YouTube now lets you watch videos in 360 whopping degrees. I mean, we do it for this one, but it just […]

7 things you need to know about Ransomware

Things you need to know about Ransomware: We are going to talk about probably the evilest type of virus around today. It’s called Ransomware. You might have already heard about this. Basically, what it does is once you get infected with it, it encrypts all your files and then makes you pay to unencrypt them. If You Don’t Pay, You […]

James Webb Telescope: Everything you need to know

James Webb Telescope: In 2021. humanity will see 13 billion years into the past in a time. The machine has nothing to do with it. What are the most expensive projects in the history of space exploration? The James Webb Space Telescope or JWST or just Webb will help us see the universe as it was. Shortly after the Big […]