History of Puma vs Adidas: How it all started

History of Puma vs Adidas: Legend has it that at times the rivalry between the two companies was so great that Puma and Adidas were reminiscent of rival gangs, the two companies had their production. If you worked for one company, you would not dare to go to the other side of the river. Each side had its own bakery […]

Football Clubs: Everything you need to know about

Football Clubs: In October 2019, Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy placed 25 cameras and 66 discreet microphones in the club’s locker room, training grounds, and offices. His intention? To record everyone. And sell the footage to Amazon. Creepy or a marketing genius? Why are clubs allowing cameras to go behind the scenes and film their players during some of the most […]

Formula One growth on Social Media

Formula One growth on Social Media. Fast cars, spectacular races, and vibrant cities. Formula one is one of the most popular sports in the world today. Almost half a billion unique viewers watch the races. Having that many people watch means serious money – from broadcasting and sponsorship deals. The Formula One Group is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. But the most […]