Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021

We have put together a list of Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021 who are making it big. You will find the top female Youtubers from Pakistan and Pakistani Youtubers men who have the highest number of subscribers to their channel in Pakistan. You can find Pakistan’s top Youtuber here. Irfan Junejo Irfan Junejo is a well-known top Pakistani Youtuber. Junejo joined YouTube in […]

20 Facts about Indiana Jones you need to know

Facts about Indiana Jones: I’m going to be taking you on a perilous yet thrilling adventure through the foreboding jungle of knowledge in search of the lost fact of Indiana Jones. It’s going to be a dangerous journey folks. Luckily, I brought with me my trusty bullwhip a spiffy felt hat, and a multi-pack of watts. It’s to get us […]

30 Facts About The Office TV Show

Facts about The Office: I’m going to be talking to you all about The Office. Not the original from our neck of the woods, because getting this apparently the show was remade. Oh, how the turntables across the pond. This version managed seven more seasons and almost 200 more episodes. It is thought of by many as the superior beast. […]

10 Anime With Strong Main Character

Anime With Strong Main Character is never gonna get boring. Is it sometimes we love the underdog but we like to see the main characters show the bad guys’ who are the boss. In recent years you can see how many anime adapted this trope. So, today we’re gonna go through 10 new anime with an overpowered main character. Mushoku […]

10 PUBG Horror Stories that are so Spooky

PUBG Horror Stories are some of Fun Experience but it can get spooky sometimes and scare you. Following is the list of 10 famous PUBG Horror stories. 1. The Proud Headshot This horror story starts off with a player pondering about a glitch he thinks he suffered while playing the game. Playing with his brother, the two were playing duos, […]