30 Facts About The Office TV Show

30 Facts About The Office TV Show

Facts about The Office: I’m going to be talking to you all about The Office. Not the original from our neck of the woods, because getting this apparently the show was remade. Oh, how the turntables across the pond. This version managed seven more seasons and almost 200 more episodes. It is thought of by many as the superior beast. Although, no coven on that because I don’t become too down. Which of the cast members was a former burlesque dancer? Which of the characters had a spin-off planned? Why oh why is Toby the way he is? Two out of three of those questions going to be answered. So grab your bobbleheads teapots and jello as we can through 30 facts about The Office it’s Brittany’s bench.

Who wrote the Office?

The office is an American sitcom, developed by Greg Daniels. He co-wrote the pilot episode with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant who wrote the original British show on which it’s based.

Who was the First Actor to be cast in The Office?

The first actor to be cast in the show was BJ Novak as Brian Howard. He was also hired as a writer which kicked off the tradition of actors also writing for the show.

Jim and Pam Real Love Story

As we all know Jim and Pam being together, is all that makes sense in this cold senseless world. Turns out the actors knew it toothy were each other’s favorite auditionees with the role of their love interest. When John Krasinski got the role of Jim, his first question to the casting director did Jonah get the role and in turn, Chen official asked John got the job haha just like in my fanfic. It is one of the Facts about The Office.

Predictions about the show

After they’d been cast, Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Rainn Wilson went out for lunch. They talked about the show and predicted that they had the potential to go on for eight years. It is exactly what it did. Does this make them members of the Illuminati you decide?

Dinner for Schmucksit

At the lunch, Corralalso repeatedly claimed of all the roles I’ll end up doing and all the films I made the shoot. I believe that Michael Scott may be the role I’ll always be most known for closely. As we all know that ended up being Dinner for Schmucksit’s true.

Footage of Scranton

The footage of Scranton in the show’s opening credits also originates more around this time. John Krasinski went there after finding out he’d been cast. He shot the footage in between interviewing real paper company employees. How could he be expected to build a quad desk without intensive research into the role fur?

Working Computer

The computers in the set of the Dunder Mifflin office, for real working computers with internet connections, so cast members have confessed that, when they’re in the background they’re very rarely acting but instead checking emails surfing the net, and chatting to one another as the scene goes on around them. It is one of the Facts about The Office.

Only Computer with Functioning Speakers

The only computer with functioning speakers belongs to Oscar Nunez, who plays, well, Oscar wielded this power with the level of responsibility. You’d expect by playing video to people falling over and bumping into things.

Solitaire and Klondike CD

Every time we see creed screen and camera during the show he’s playing spider solitaire and Meredith is always playing Klondike CD example.

Dwight’s Screen

Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight was more careful with the computer browsing. He had a deal with the assistant director that if anything he was reading onscreen had a caught on camera, he would donate $100 to the meals-on-wheels program. It is one of the Facts about The Office.

Godmother and Hoodies

Perm never quite saw eye-to-eye with Dunder Mifflin’s written tight ass. Angela but the actors that played them are IRL BFF Elle’s the two have matching hoodies and Jenna Fischer is even the godmother to angela Kinzie’s child not bad for a dog person.

Kevin and Andy

From a friendship that lives on after the show to one the predates it, Brian Baumgartner and Ed Helms who played Kevin and Andy actually attended the same high school.

John Krasinski and BJ Novak

John Krasinski and BJ Novak can do one better. They both attended Newton South High School in Massachusetts both graduated in 1997 and even played in the same Little League baseball team. It is one of the Facts about The Office.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Script

You’ll probably recognize Michael Schur as the actor who plays Dwight’s cousin Mose welcome children. He also wrote for the show and then went on to great Parks and Recreation Brooklyn nine-nine and the good place not bad for someone with a natural fear of paper everybody poops.

Writers Guild of America

Speaking of writing, in 2007 the show wash it by the writers strike as a member of the Writers Guild of America. Steve Carell supported the show’s scribe so much that he wouldn’t even come in for non-writing duties. On his first day of the strike, he allegedly called in sick with a case of what he called enlarged balls. Although, he later refuted the legend claiming it was too clever of him to have come up with.

British show

Steve Carell only watched a few minutes of the original British show. He never watched it again because he was wary of simply becoming a copy of Ricky Gervais his English counterpart David Brent, on the other hand, John Krasinski was a massive fan of the original before he even got the role. It is one of the Facts about The Office.

Krasinski love for The Originals

In fact, in the waiting room for his audition Krasinski got talking to someone and expressed his love for the original. He fears that Americans just really screw these opportunities up claiming I don’t know how I’ll live with myself if they ruin it for me. Naturally, the man he was talking to them revealed himself to be the show’s producer Greg Daniels and Krasinski proceeded to vomit in his own mouth.

Rotten Tomatoes

Keeping it, Krasinski now in 2008 the act had to shave his head for his role in the football flick leather heads meaning that for the second half of season 3 Jimis actually wearing a wig but it must have been worth it for that sweet 52 rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Confusing Moments

The show had several confusing moments involving references to films and TV series. the itis of which have gone on to appear in the show, perhaps the hardest to wrap your head around are Michael Scott’s various references to the 1997 screen to where spoiler alert Timothy Olyphant character turns out to be one of the masked killers. Then Oliphant showed up as a salesman Danny Cordray which is confusing. It is one of the Facts about The Office.

Michael’s Fish

Michael Scott is either a terrible pet owner or the owner of a magical fish in season 5. He keeps a fishbowl on this new desk. The first time we see it there’s a goldfish in there. The next episode has a calico fish and in the third a blackfish.

Show’s Credits

The show’s credits were only companied by the theme song from season 4 onwards. The other seasons had no music over the credits.

Change of Locations

For the first season, the show was shot on location in a real office building in Culver City California. From season 2 onwards it’s been shot on a soundstage where the office was recreated practically identically. This was especially strange for the cast who continually walked out of exits and was surprised to still be inside.


In true, Michael Scott fashion, Steve Carell suffers from hyper hydrolysis the condition gives him overactive plans meaning the temperature on set had to be kept at a call 64 degrees Fahrenheit until production invested in space heaters. It is one of the Facts about The Office.

Phyllis’s Special Role

Phyllis Smith plays, you guessed it. Phyllis on the show, she was originally just a casting associate until she nabbed herself so much for the producers that the roles created especially for her.

Casting Associate to Character

Casting associate to character actor might be a daunting transition for some. Smith was helped by her previous experience as both an NFL cheerleader and a burlesque dancer. Just like that you’ll never see it the same way again.

Phyllis’s Age

Phyllis’s constantly referenced as being the same age as Michael Scott. Despite the fact, she’s actually 11 years Carell senior. It is one of the Facts about The Office.

John Krasinski’s first kiss

We had to wait two whole seasons to see Jim and Pam. Finally, confront their feelings and kiss each other. It wasn’t just the first for them. This was actually John Krasinski’s first kiss, well on screen at least,. When Jenna Fischer asked him if he’d done it before he lied about it.

Merritt Parkway

I have six minutes, a transfer merger, and a jilted husband later, and before we knew it Jim was proposing in-season 5. The backdrop is a plain old rest stop which is surprising. Seeing as that shot is the show’s most expensive and elaborate shot of all time. According to the producers, and a cost of $250,000, the crew actually recreated the Merritt Parkway rest stop that originally wanted from scratch.

Fisher’s Real life Husband

At some point, we have to accept that Jim and Pam aren’t real. They each had real-world significant others. In fact, after the plan gives birth in the aptly titled episode, the delivery of her lactation consultant is actually paid by Fisher’s real-life husband Lee Kirk. It is one of the Facts about The Office.

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