10 PUBG Horror Stories that are so Spooky

10 PUBG Horror Stories that are so Spooky

PUBG Horror Stories are some of Fun Experience but it can get spooky sometimes and scare you. Following is the list of 10 famous PUBG Horror stories.

1. The Proud Headshot

This horror story starts off with a player pondering about a glitch he thinks he suffered while playing the game. Playing with his brother, the two were playing duos, and there were around 50 people left in this particular match, camping out in a house, taking out nearby foes. Recording the footage of their game, the player sees someone in the distance, and shoots them, getting a headshot, and feels rather proud that he managed to record it.

The player he killed stood out to him though, having a very odd screen name. He looked at the number of players left, and it was still 50, unchanged despite his kill. He points this out to his brother but doesn’t think anything of it. They continue playing. He eventually got killed.

But at the end of the game, he realized that the person who won was the player with the strange screen name that he had taken out earlier on. So he took a look at his gameplay footage. That clip wasn’t there; it completely disappeared.

2. PUBG.exe

If you’re familiar with the famous Sonc.exe horror story, this one will probably appeal to you. It’s a loose adaptation of it. In this story, a player gets a weird unmarked copy of the game on a CD ROM. They pop it into their computer, and as soon as the loading screen comes up, it starts to glitch. They begin the game, but the server seems odd; all of the players on it are dressed the exact same way and don’t fire back at them when they shoot or try to engage in combat.

Eventually, it’s just the player and one other left in the game. That’s when they come face to face with their foe; a demonic-looking character, who moves at super quick speeds. They immediately kill our protagonist’s character. The game glitches and the match start again. It’s a repeat of what previously happened, with them facing off against this demonic character one on one, and the demonic character killing them. Except for the second time around, their death is more gruesome, more bloody.

The game restarts a third time. And the same things repeatedly. But this time, at the end of the game, the demonic player brutally slays him. The screen goes black, and the enemy player’s face pops up as a jump scare. The player immediately pulled out the disc, broke it, and threw it in the garbage. Problem solved.

3. Suicidal

PUBG Horror Stories: This horror story is similar to our last; it’s the story about a weird copy of PUBG that was being passed around. Every time someone would play it, they’d tell their friends that the game was possessed and that it traumatized them, and days later, they would commit suicide.

So eventually, as the story goes, a gamer whose friend had killed themselves after allegedly playing this copy of the game found it and gave it a go. They were off to a good start, coming in within the top 10 spots of all their matches. But that’s when the game started to glitch up. Rather than hearing people on their mics like usual, all they could hear was terrifying noises that sounded like someone being tortured. As the game glitched further, upsetting imagery began to flicker on the screen. This is when the player chickened out.

After unsuccessfully trying to shut off their computer, they pulled out its power club and managed to eject the disc, then breaking it into a bunch of little pieces so that it wouldn’t haunt anyone else. Despite managing to evade death, they continued to get nightmares for the next year, seeing the horrible things that flickered in the game.

4. Joy Ride

This horror story is about a player who, during a match, stumbled upon a group of other players driving around in a car. The car stops in front of him, and he notices that all of the players inside are dressed the same; black outfits, and black ski masks. So since they’re not shooting at him, he decides to have some fun and gets inside the car with them. The car then goes on a joy ride, crashing into other players, having a grand old time.

But that’s when things begin to get a little odd. The entire joy ride, those players had been silent over their mics, until now. Our hero begins to hear what sounds like screaming. At first, he thinks they’re just messing with him until they begin to play the sounds of a woman screaming. It takes the player a second, but then he realizes why it’s so familiar; it sounds like his own mother. Freaked out, he rips off his headphones, only to hears his worst nightmare. His mother is screaming in real life, downstairs.

5. Photos

PUBG Horror Stories: This is the story of a player who was playing a solo match; nothing out of the ordinary. He comes up against this one player though, and the two of them do a bit of a dance, shooting at one another, never really quite getting the upper hand, until our protagonist gets a lucky shot; a shot that goes right into the foe’s head. Feeling pretty great about himself he continues to play. That’s when his phone starts to go off. He takes a look at the screen, glancing. It’s a photo message from a strange number, whose area code he doesn’t recognize.

The photo is a screenshot, with his character in it. Weirded out, he thinks his phone is acting up, but then he gets another text, with a different screenshot of his character. And another, and another. He begins to realize the screenshots are in live time, as he’s stopped moving his character around the map to look at his phone.

Then, all of a sudden, someone shoots his player and he gets knocked out of the game. A text follows. Except now, rather than the screenshot, it’s a photo of him, in real life, the picture being taken of him from behind his computer chair. That’s when the player hears someone breathing behind him.

6. Private Server

PUBG Horror Stories: This horror story is about a player who managed to access a private server for PUBG. Wanting to get better at aiming in the game, the player decided to enter this server and goof around, in hopes of bettering himself. No one else was on the server, just him.

So after a while, he decides to walk around a bit and find a new area to shoot at targets, so he moves into a forested area. That’s when he spots something odd in the distance; it looks like someone moving. So he investigates, moving further into the map, and lo and behold, his suspicions were correct; it’s another character, moving around. So the player begins to track this figure and is eventually led to this odd house in the middle of the woods; something he saw before. He notices the figure moving up the stairs inside the house, so he follows.

But once he goes in, and gets upstairs, the other player isn’t there. Instead, he discovers something more chilling. All over the wall in this house are photos of the player in real life, doing mundane things; walking down the street, eating lunch at work, etc. The player turns his character around, panicking, wanting to get out of that house asap. But when he turns around, he sees the mysterious figure. On the figure’s face, a familiar texture appears; it’s a photo of his own face, plastered on their head.

7. The Face

PUBG Horror Stories: This one comes from a photo a player posted online, captured when they were out looting the fog. The player claims to have been playing PUBG late at night, streaming their game. They weren’t an overly popular streamer but loved doing it. Anywho, while they played, they kept hearing strange noises coming from outside their window, to the point where they even got up to peek outside real quick. Things started getting weird in the game.

It began to glitch. Each time it glitched, they would hear a noise coming from outside But every time they looked, there was nothing outside. Finally, the glitching got so bad that they had to shut off their computer. Upon doing so, they heard another noise outside their window. Getting up to look, for a split second, they swore they saw the face of someone looking in at them. The next day, as they were skimming through their footage, they noticed something odd; a texture outside of a window that looked like a face; the same one they thought they had seen from their very own window.

8. PUBG Saved my Life

PUBG Horror Stories: This player was having a regular night playing PUBG, wearing their headset, which canceled out any noise around them. All of his doors were locked, and he was home alone. It’s around 2 am when he decides to call it a night. He takes off his headset and turns off the game, turning around to see that his door is open. He goes downstairs to see his dog roaming around in a bit of panic.

The house is a mess; it looks as if he’s been robbed. Freaking out, he calls the cops and starts cleaning up the apartment. That’s when he realizes that the thieves didn’t actually take anything; his laptop was there, a cupboard that had jewelry init was open, but the jewels were still there. So what were they after? 10 minutes later, the cops arrive. This is when his girlfriend gets home; she works a night shift, and upon seeing what happened to the house, was furious that he didn’t notice what had happened while he was playing PUBG.

Early in the morning, after the police have left, they manage to get some sleep. But that day, he gets a call from the police. They tell him they found the suspect. When asking how they got him so quickly, the cops told him something chilling; that after the criminal had broken into his house, he hit up one down the road with a full family, who were asleep. When the family woke up, he stabbed them all to death, killing the four of them, and laid with the bodies for 12 hours. The cops believed that if the protagonist had disturbed the criminal that night, he would’ve likely shared the same fate.

9. One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

PUBG Horror Stories: This story tells of a kid who finally got PUBG. They had been frustrated about playing Fortnite and decided to switch over to the other popular multiplayer shooter game and see if they liked it better. Being broke though, they had no means of paying for the game. But eventually, they stumbled upon a site offering the game for free. Initially, he thought it was a scam, so read the comments, which read “don’t play this game, it’s very dangerous”. But he figured that was a load of BS, so he downloaded it anyway.

When he loaded it up, the only option the game gave him was ‘play’, which brought him to a cut scene. Obviously, PUBG didn’t have any cut scenes, so he was intrigued. The scene depicted a bunch of boats heading to an island, with text that read ‘one shall stand, one shall fall.’ The game then started, and the player kept walking and walking around, until they found a corpse hanging from a tree, with a knife buried into its skull. Then, to his surprise, out of his control, his character went up to the corpse and stuck its hand into it, and pulled out the knife. The player tried to quit the game. That’s didn’t work. He tried turning off his computer. It wouldn’t turn off.


So he decided he would finish the game, in hopes of it turning off that way. He finally encountered another player. The player lost control again as his character started to lash out against the opponent with the knife from the corpse. Eventually, they came across another player and were shot, with their character falling to the ground, screaming. But to his surprise again, his character, out of his control, managed to break their leg before they could be finished off. The player was traumatized as he watched his character break the neck of the other player’s character.

Then, the game started acting up. A title appeared on the screen after that kill that said, well done. Now let’s have some fun. His computer then shut off. The next day, the game was completely gone from his computer. He went to the website to see if the link was still there. Nothing. That’s when he heard a knock. Peeking outside his house’s window, he was shocked to see a man, dressed almost identically to his PUBG character, waiting outside his front door.

10. Dead Chicken Dinner

This story follows a gamer who had started playing PUBG and had been enjoying the game for about three weeks when this odd occurrence happened. He was playing as part of a four-man squad, two of his teammates were killed immediately. 15 minutes into the game, his teammate, who in the story, he refers to as David, begins screaming into his mic, shouting profusely. His friend goes dark and then gets killed off. He manages to take out the members of the other team for the most part, until it’s just him and one left.

All he wants is that winner, winner chicken dinner, and the foe, on his mic is really trying to get under his skin with insults. The player manages to knock him out with a headshot. That other player goes quiet, and our protagonist decides to taunt him, saying, what’s the matter? Not so big now, are you? After another moment of silence, the foe responds, saying that “his name is uncommon, it’s not one you could pluck out of a hat”, and then recites our protagonist’s address, saying “I’ll see you soon.” The protagonist and his buddies still listening begin to freak out.

The player decides to go to bed. A few days later, a package comes in the mail for him. He opens it up, and it’s a decapitated chicken with a note attached to its back that read “how’s this for your winner?” Alright, Which horror story freaked you out the most?

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