10 Anime With Strong Main Character

10 Anime With Strong Main Character

Anime With Strong Main Character is never gonna get boring. Is it sometimes we love the underdog but we like to see the main characters show the bad guys’ who are the boss. In recent years you can see how many anime adapted this trope. So, today we’re gonna go through 10 new anime with an overpowered main character.

Mushoku Tensei

This was one of the most anticipated anime of this winter season. After watching the released episodes, I can already see why it may start off with the regular e-sky premise but does many unique things to the genre. When a 34-year-old man is met with an accident while trying to rescue another person. He’s teleported to a fantasy world as Rudius Greyrat now as a child Rudius possesses incredible magic skills and genius-level intellect. His parents are surprised about him and this boy begins learning the best sword and sorcery in the world. Apart from the usual E-Sky fair, you get a story with grey characters and a well-built magic system. Even when the character uses overpowered attacks you know the basis and formula behind those attacks.

Redo of Healer

There’s less healing and more pain in this anime. No one can miss a good old revenge story, right? Redo of Healer is about a Healer abused by his teammates back in the day. Now he wants to take revenge. What differs this story from many other stories of the same niche is the villainous main character. While other protagonists of revenge anime may live up to a specific moral code Kiyaruka in Redo of Healer has no morality at all. Forgiving, Redemption, Loving people all of those are foreign words to him. If you love a unique revenge story and also have the stomach to digest some dark elements then don’t miss out on this one. Anime With Strong Main Character

So I’m a Spider, So What?

This E-Sky story as the name implies revolves around a spider. The premise here is simple. During a battle between a hero and a demon king an entire class gets transported to a fantasy world. Our heroine is reincarnated as a spider. If not evident being a spider is not going to play to your advantage. Now she needs to learn to get to the top while overcoming the challenges thrown at her. Even though the main character is a spider the anime knows how to present an exciting story by maintaining high tension levels. For example each of the challenges our spider faces should be overcome by using her brain rather than her power. We saw how anime did slimy sky justice so keep your hopes up for spider.

Tatoeba Last Dungeon

suppose a kid from the last dungeon boonies moved to a starter town. Looking at the title alone can tell you this was adapted from a visual novel. Here we have a village named Kunlun located near the Last Dungeon. A dungeon with the most powerful monsters in the entire world. In Kunlun village lives a boy named Lloyd Belladonna who’s considered weak in physical skills and magic. Like every east sky protagonist, he isn’t about to give up. When he enrolled in the kingdom’s military academy he learned to use his inner power. Will this power be enough to defeat the growing threats of the kingdom? Indeed it can, that’s why we’re including this anime in the list of Anime With Strong Main Character. This anime may have a somewhat regular and slow start but you’re sure in for a great e-sky experience once you are in.

Wandering Witch: The Journey Of Elaina

If you want the synopsis of this anime in a single sentence. There’s a witch named Elaina who had a long ambition to travel around the world. In this anime series, she finally does that yes it’s that simple. The story is straightforward and unlike most fantasy anime doesn’t involve wars and tragic character deaths. In its premise still, the story can be really interesting because of its pacing the world around. Elaina is shown through the story as she gets involved with different characters and their struggles. As you move along in the anime you can see how Elaina develops as a character from all the adventures. If you want to follow the adventures of a cute white-haired witch then add this one to your watch list.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I can Enter

Once again we have another east guy because what is an east guy without overpowered main characters in the hidden dungeon. Only I can enter we have noir whose only special ability is to consult the great sage. when He loses his job he consults the sage for help. After getting advice decides to travel to the most dangerous dungeons in the world. While most east guys shows tend to have an overpowered protagonist this anime will show how the challenges change noir and brought in his view of the world. Apart from that, you have the same old Harem trope where the main character adds girls to his collection as he continues his adventure. Anime With Strong Main Character

Talentless Nana

if you’ve experienced playing Among Us then this will be the ideal anime for you. At least in the game, you get respawned when you’re killed but in this anime, once a character is dead he’s dead forever. This happens in a world where children with powers are born. The government views them as enemies. These children are sent to a deserted school where they should survive on their own. Along comes the transfer student Nana, an assassin sent by the government to kill the students. Nana may look like a cute girl doing a cute thing but there’s nothing cute with assassination. Nana may appear like a regular high school girl but no one is safe when they’re alone with her.

Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

The Anime With Strong Main Character you should be most excited for this fall. Yes, judging by the name itself you can tell it’s adapted from a light novel but it actually builds a credible fantasy world and creates some fascinating characters, and builds tension through their opposite ideals. It’s about a boy named Iska and a girl named Alice, who were in a world shattered by the war between two forces the empire and nebulous sovereignty. Eska’s ambition is to fight and prevent the war at the same time Alice wants to destroy the empire and unite the world under the banner of nebulous sovereignty. The two clashed with their ideals forcing each other to acknowledge their own. You got two overpowered characters trying to kill each other. what more could you ask for?

Jujutsu Kaisen

When you see Jujutsu Kaisen on an Anime With Strong Main Character list, you know who comes to your mind first. The one and only Satoru Gojo but this aren’t about Gojo. This anime is about Yuji Itadori, an unnaturally talented boy living with his grandfather. Yuji’s life changes as he meets a sorcerer named Megumi Fushigora, who warns about a cursed talisman he possesses. This talisman seems to be a bigger challenge than it seemed. To protect his friends, Yuji swallows it now with the host of Tsukino. Released from his talisman residing within him, Yuji becomes the target of many sorcerers as everyone tries to exercise him. If you need a supernatural anime done right, don’t ignore this one.

Heaven Official’s Blessing

Topping our list is a Chinese anime and something that stands on par with any modern Japanese anime. Here we have a God who has fallen and now wants to send back to his throne. Just like origami, but this god rarely makes any jokes like him. The anime follows Leon’s journey for power and how he meets Saint Long, a forgotten crown friends who wants to help Lawn in his journey. The anime has some great action and character development. If you want an anime where the weak-looking main character slowly shows how he’s a badass then don’t miss this one.

So, there goes our list of 10 new Anime With Strong Main Character if we missed anything don’t forget to add your own thoughts.

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