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How can I live a healthy lifestyle?

How can I live a healthy lifestyle? It is common to want to live a healthier lifestyle. But where do you start? Once you have decided to change your life, you need to believe that you can do it. Next step is to create a plan. What can I do to change my unhealthy lifestyle? Identify bad and unhealthy habits in […]

Do you need to upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows 11 is hitting general availability on October 5, and with that date approaching, you might be wondering do you need to upgrade to Windows 11? The two versions are visually very different. However, there are other changes under the hood that make the next version of Windows stand out from the previous generation. We have answers to your questions regarding […]

Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021

We have put together a list of Top YouTubers of Pakistan 2021 who are making it big. You will find the top female Youtubers from Pakistan and Pakistani Youtubers men who have the highest number of subscribers to their channel in Pakistan. You can find Pakistan’s top Youtuber here. Irfan Junejo Irfan Junejo is a well-known top Pakistani Youtuber. Junejo joined YouTube in […]

Twenty 1970s Facts Everyone should know

1970s Facts: We’re going to be talking all about the history of your grandma’s favorite decade, the 70s. It was a time of long hair mustaches, economic uncertainty, and new technology that continues to fascinate people to this very day. Ask your parent about it. I’m sure they love another opportunity to tell you how good you snowflake Millennials have […]

20 Facts about Indiana Jones you need to know

Facts about Indiana Jones: I’m going to be taking you on a perilous yet thrilling adventure through the foreboding jungle of knowledge in search of the lost fact of Indiana Jones. It’s going to be a dangerous journey folks. Luckily, I brought with me my trusty bullwhip a spiffy felt hat, and a multi-pack of watts. It’s to get us […]

25 things you don’t know about Virtual Reality

Things you don’t know about Virtual Reality: I’ll be strapping on my headset and stepping into the wonderfully weird world of virtual reality. VR is quickly becoming the most immersive way to completely put yourself into video games. Even YouTube now lets you watch videos in 360 whopping degrees. I mean, we do it for this one, but it just […]

30 Facts About The Office TV Show

Facts about The Office: I’m going to be talking to you all about The Office. Not the original from our neck of the woods, because getting this apparently the show was remade. Oh, how the turntables across the pond. This version managed seven more seasons and almost 200 more episodes. It is thought of by many as the superior beast. […]

23 Facts About Dogs you didn’t know before

Facts About Dogs: I am NOT a dog believe it or not. That’s not even one of our 23 wonderful facts about dogs. Here, it’s gonna be a big journey though covering 40,000 years of history. More breeds of dog that you can shake it stick out to get it to stick because dogs chased. Anyway, strap yourselves in for […]

21 facts about the Philippines you should know Before Visiting

Facts about the Philippines: The Philippines, yes a nation is known around the world for its stunning beaches, fabulous wildlife in near-ubiquitous nurses. Why should you be very careful before getting married in the Philippines? Why do the people of Manila despise Claire Danes? Hope so, those questions are going to be answered. So, crank up that volume, surround yourself […]

Politicians: Interviews and Media

Politicians: Interviews and Media: It doesn’t really matter where you’re from. I am 100% sure that we have one thing in common: Distrust for our own country’s politicians. Politicians never seem to really care. Yeah, they have his ability to have the best words for every occasion. Why Don’t Politicians Answer questions? Politicians: Interviews and Media: One of the things […]